Conservation of Endangered Fishes Group(CEF)

Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

About us

  The conservation of endangered fishes group (CEF) engaged in rare and endangered aquatic wild animals protection. The research particularly emphasized on endangered fish in Yangtze River, including Chinese sturgeon, Chinese Paddlefish, Dabry's sturgeon, Chinese sucker (myxocyprinus asiaticus) and other national and local protected animals. And it ranges over ecosystem, species and heredity diversity.

  Our group leader is Prof. Dr. Wei Qiwei., who has been working on freshwater ecology and biodiversity and conservation biology issues since 1984. At present, there are 8 young professional personnel, including Hao Du assistant researcher, Dr. Hui Zhang, Dr. Ping Li and so on. Besides, more than 20 graduate students are studying here.

  We have a 576ph boat for paddlefish, 3 boats for other fish and other advanced equipments, such as Fish detector, ADCP and Ultrasonic Tracking System. The fish breeding experimental farm has advanced facilities and the large-scale breeding workshop is 4000 square meter. Beyond that, there have 2 large water ecological control pools, single pool water capacity is of 1200 cubic meters, which is unique at home and abroad.

  Our group has got a series of scientific achievements. Of which "Chinese sturgeon species protection technology" was conferred the first prize of Science & technology Advancement Award of CAFS (Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences) in 2006. This achievement makes our group leading authorities on Chinese sturgeon protection. Moreover, we have more than 140 published papers and declare six patents.

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